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Mahogany Doors


This section is aimed at the design professional and is meant to answer industry specific needs. Along with our furniture line we also  produce custom furniture, mill work, cabinetry as well as design and presentation work. 
We are well versed working in the mediums of solid wood construction, sheet good case work construction, as well as custom veneering.
For your client presentation needs we are able to produce cad photo realistic renders of interiors, cabinetry and furniture as well as fully detailed shop drawings.
We often collaborate with industry professionals on the design aspect of a cabinetry, furniture, or mill work project to come up with solutions to challenges that are woodwork specific.

Shop Drawings

Chelsea Barbers


Commercial projects are approached with the same level of expertise and attention to detail as residential work. Organized scheduling guarantees consistent results from planning through execution. Samples of custom materials and finishes can be provided. We utilize highest quality veneer and lumber materials and are committed to sustainable forestry and use only no added formaldehyde sheet goods and low voc finishes.

Chelsea Barbers

Custom Vanity


We bring our expertise in traditional handmade furniture making into play for the design and execution of kitchen, bathroom and built in casework. Our experience with aspects
such as grain matching and solid wood joinery greatly enhance our cabinetmaking projects. We use solid wood drawers as well as Blum under mount slides for all casework. We prefer the use of fixed knife of butt hinges for door applications, however we are fully set up for euro construction and the 32mm system.

White oak Cabinetry

Built In Radiator Cover


We are not limited to solid wood construction and often handle complex custom veneer work.
When custom veneer is specified we produce the work in house. We use raw veneers instead of paperbacked veneers because it affords us much greater control and quality of the finished product.

Grain Detail

Cad Render


We begin all custom projects with a computer generated three dimensional rendering for client approval. Here problems of geometry and detailing can be worked out in perspective. Changes of materials can be made to the computer model to show how subtle changes effect the overall look of project. Once renders are approved by a client a full set of shop drawings are drawn up from the computer model, thus insuring that what was approved gets built exactly as conceived. An example of this can be seen from this Park Avenue dental office reception desk project. The conceptual rendering of a the reception desk is shown on the left and the finished desk is shown on the right.

Dental office

Walnut Rocker


Stephen Hammer has worked for nearly two decades in the NewYork metro area as a designer, furniture and cabinetmaker. From this experience he has become accustomed  to the variety of challenges of residential,  commercial and specialty woodwork. Please let us know if we can be of service for any of your architectural woodworking needs. info@urbanforestfurniture.com

Custom Jewel Case

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